Overview of the Dnipro-1 against Rukh UPL match: battle draw

Dnipro-1 hosted the Rukh team in the final round. Both teams had a two-point difference before that match. The bands no longer claim to leave or enter the European Cup zone. It was a game without motivation.

Overview of the Dnipro-1 against Rukh match

The first half passed with a slight advantage of the hosts. However, they were only able to hit the gate twice. Rukh only hit the gate once. The goalkeeper of the hosts was able to handle it. Besides, the guests delivered one shot the goal.

The Dnipro-1 intensified the attack on the opponent’s goal when the second half began. Kogut scored a goal in the 60th minute of the match. The goalkeeper succeeded but the result appeared when Cuze made a push again. The hosts gained an advantage in the score of the match. Later, the hosts shot the goal twice.

Rukh spared no effort until the last minute of the match. At the 96th minute of the match, the hosts could not reconcile with the onslaught of the opponent. The team defender made a mistake and made a foul in the penalty zone. The referee pointed to an 11-meter mark. Kondrakov successfully implemented the penalty and even the score. That’s when the 1:1 score appeared. Now, Dnipro-1 is on the 7th row of the tournament table. The team was unable to enter the Eurocup zone. However, Rukh avoided being removed from the list. It finished the season 10th in the tournament tabl