Best hunting games for PCs

Hunting Simulator

Despite its antiquity, hunting is an ancient human instinct that has become a popular theme in modern culture. Video games are no exception. These digital hunting simulators allow users to experience the thrill of hunting wild animals. At the same time, he had no need to leave the house and its comfort. Today, computer games have gone a long and challenging way from simple pixel images to interesting realistic simulators.

List of the best hunting games for PCs

  • The Hunter: Call of the Wild (2017). This gorgeous simulator will help you immerse yourself in fascinating and very realistic landscapes. The developers paid great attention to all the details, so forests, fields, and mountains were demonstrated with great accuracy. Reflections of light on the water, rustling of leaves under the feet and even the breathing of animals create a vibe of actual hunting. Moreover, the animal world includes many creatures, each of which has its unique behavior, and you are unlikely to be able to hunt them in the same way. Tactical planning, choosing the right weapon, and the right place to ambush are the main factors that will help you to hunt effectively in the project called The Hunter: Call of the Wild.
  • Deer Hunter (1997-2021). If you are planning on getting to know your new hunting simulator, you should not forget about the franchise Deer Hunter. Over two decades of its existence, it has undergone many changes, such as primitive 2D graphics in the past and three-dimensional realistic technologies today. After the release of each new game, the Deer Hunter project improved its graphics capabilities and gained more animal and weapon characteristics. Today, it has many modes and missions. The differences between the parts are great. However, there is one immutable fact, such as the desire to provide the most complete and total feeling of hunting.
  • Cabela’s Big Game Hunter. Today, many fans rate Cabela’s Big Game Hunter as a way to travel to the beautiful world of exotic wildlife. Instead of traditional deer or hares, users will face giants like African elephants, lions, and even bears. Attention to detail and a high level of realism are factors through which this series has changed during its existence. Graphics and gameplay have become more detailed, so users can have even more fun while hunting.
  • Hunting Simulator (2017 and 2020). The first Hunting Simulator showed gamers a big world with beautiful locations such as mountain peaks and dark forests. Hunting Simulator 2 is a project in which you will see even more animals, weapons, and different modes. However, the main difference is in the second part, such as an improved system of AI animals and an even more detailed environment. This makes the gameplay more fun and realistic.
The Hunter: Call of the Wild (2017)
The Hunter: Call of the Wild (2017)

Factors that make these games unique

There is one major component of hunting simulators, such as realism. After describing the best hunting games, we would like to note that almost every aspect is created so that the user can feel a realistic vibe in these games.

Among them is a detailed landscape and behavior of wild animals. With these games, you will be able to plan your strategy, consider your environment and learn animal habits. This is why these games are both fun and challenging for hunters.

The best hunting games for PCs will give users a combination of realism, tactical and strategic approaches. Also, they will help users feel the genuine excitement and beauty of hunting without needing a long trip. Today, this video game genre continues to evolve, creating many incredible novelties every year.