Carrera will lead the club he played earlier

Massimo Carrera is the former head coach of Spartacus from Moscow. He has negotiated a contract with a club from Italy called Bari.

This Italian is very familiar with the club. Massimo played for Italy as a central defender from 1986 to 1991. During those years, Carrera participated in 186 matches, scored five goals. Thirteen yellow and one red cards were addressed to him.

Today, the Italian club offers its former celebrity a six-month contract. In the event that the team moves from Series C to Series B, the contract will be renewed for another year. One can say that the world of sports needs leaders of level Moscow Spartacus Massimo Carrera.

The first match of Bari, which will «train» Carrera, will be held on February 17. The opponent will be Monopoly.

The Italians now rank second in the table in Series C.