Ballers (2015)

American football is very popular in America. Almost all Americans love it. The extraordinary popularity of this sport attracts not only ordinary spectators but also very famous people. They make huge sums of money in this sport. These people are very recognizable on the street but the most important thing is that they are recognized by the people around them. Yet, do they enjoy it or not?

The Ballers series can answer this question. It reveals all the mysteries of the sports world that are hidden from fans. Training and various press conferences for journalists are what make up the largest part of the life of sports celebrities. Nevertheless, they’re just like ordinary people with their feelings as we are. They need love, friendship, and understanding from people, even though they are surrounded by fame.

These people know that relationships are very important but how do they keep them alive when they are in the rhythm of life? The answer is simple. People like that just have to work a lot more than they do in training and gym. This series will show you players outside the field and outside the game. You will be able to look at their daily concerns, as well as the kind of people they become right after the end of another match.