The best third-person games for PC

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Third-person games are essential in the fascinating world of computer entertainment. They allow users to watch the character from the outside and enjoy the animation, the world around and detailed graphics. This format has become preferred by many gamers. The reason for this is the broad view and the additional realism.

The era changed, so the third-person games were transformed. They have come a long and arduous way from primitive graphic designs from past decades to modern masterpieces of visual mastery. Today, this type of entertainment project continues to surprise users with its dynamism and realism.

The best third-person games for computers

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This game will show you an ancient world full of magic, legends and monsters. Geralt explores gorgeous landscapes and makes many difficult decisions. The graphical component and detail of the environment in this game are something that will surely surprise you with its realism.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2. There, Wild West nature is mysterious and romantic in its vibe. This game will help you immerse yourself in the life of cowboys. There, each decision is relevant to the outcome of the story. The newest types of visualization and the detailed world make this game popular among fans of this genre.
  • God of War (2018). There is a Scandinavian setting, bloody battles and ancient legends. The protagonist Kratos and his son Atrey aim to scatter the Fay ashes at the highest point of all realms. They have to explore vast areas and perform fascinating missions. Battles there will surely surprise you by their variety and the many methods that will help you defeat your enemy.
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. If you are beginning to think of fascinating realms and historical accuracy, you should know that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla embodies the best qualities of this series. It will help you immerse yourself totally in the harsh atmosphere of the Viking Age, as well as feel every scar and tattoo on your character named Eivor. Many unforgettable treks, fortresses and trips with shopping goals create exciting gameplay. This game will surely surprise you with many factors, including its realism.
  • Tomb Raider 2013. Lara Croft returned in a totally new appearance. Now, she looks like a young and inexperienced explorer who has just begun her adventures. This reboot will give users the opportunity to learn the history of Lara Croft. You will overcome traps, solve complex puzzles, and fight enemies while travelling to dangerous and exotic places with this brave and extraordinary woman.
  • Gears 5. There is a combat system that has reached new peaks. This allows you to enjoy dynamic battles and an excellent cooperative regime. The storyline touches on solid themes and demonstrates the life stories of the main characters and their internal conflicts. As a result, each mission became an essential part of this project.
God of War (2018)
God of War (2018)

Features of these projects

Third-person games give users a unique gaming experience. Each of them combines elements of comfortable viewing and deep immersion into virtual reality. This type of perspective allows users to enjoy detailed graphics, dynamic battle scenes and realistic storylines. One of the essential features of such games is the opportunity for the user not only to observe the actions of the characters but also to be surprised by the reality of this world.

Many of these curious projects have combined stories that are full of intrigue, as well as unique gameplays. Each of them gives the project features that distinguish it from other games. High-quality level design and realistic characters make third-person video games popular with gamers. Thanks to this, these projects are both fun and fantastic emotional experiences, which you will surely remember for years.


There are many games, such as The World of Vikings, the jungle in which Lara Croft got lost, or the post-apocalyptic battle for survival in Gears 5. However, the best third-person PC games continue to attract millions of users worldwide. These projects allow them to delve deeper into stories, become direct participants in exciting adventures and experience many strong emotions in the process of gameplay.