Overview of Zarya against Alexandria UPL match: three bronze points

Both teams solved all their tournament problems in this match. They played for prestige. The dawn on the field should show results without wasting much effort. They have to play the final of the Cup of the country. Alexandria played to its pleasure.

Overview of Zarya against Alexandria match

The match began with a mutual positioning struggle. In the first 30 minutes of the match, the hosts pushed three times in the direction of the goal, and once it was punched in the turn. Nazarin became famous then for having made a target strike. Smooth was more active. The guests twice represented a risk to the gates of Zarya. Both teams failed to show results in the first half of the match.

The main events unfolded in the second half. At 62 minutes, Alexandria made her first blow to the hosts. Zarya counterattacked. At 63 minutes of the meeting, Gladkiy opened the account. Alefirenko doubled the advantage of the field owners in ten minutes. The team continued to control the process of the match. However, it lost sight of the strong guest attack.

Vantuch scored a goal at 86 minutes of the match. The hosts answered instantly. Alefirenko made a mio at 89 minutes. However, at 90 minutes there was a shot on goal. It was at that time that all major events in the match ended. Zarya won, scored three points, and finished third in the Ukrainian Championship. Next time, the team will go to the Cup final against Dinamo.