Golden Ratio Face: golden ratio in football and other fields of human life

The principle of the golden ratio was discovered by Luca Pacioli monk and manifests itself in everything. It is used in the design of football stadiums and other facilities in human face correction. A special application was created to work on the appearance based on the golden ratio principle.

We mean Golden Ratio Face App, which is a program for Android. It can measure the attractiveness of faces in photos.

The basic parameters

The Golden Ratio Face apk app is designed to contain a face image. The program analyzes the photo using the golden ratio principle. The utility uses the size of body parts such as cheekbones, cheeks, eye incisions, folds on the forehead. You have to take a selfie to start analyzing the photos. The program will send your photo to the Internet for your face symmetry analysis.

The program shows the overall level of attractiveness of a person on a scale of 1 to 10 immediately after the procedure is completed. You can use the result to improve your makeup.

Why the golden ratio is so important

Many people mistakenly believe that nature is chaos. But if you study this phenomenon more, you’ll find it’s a mistake. All events in the universe are subject to certain universal principles. In addition, one of the main ones is the Divine Proportion. It has another name, like a golden ratio.  The mathematical series of Fibonacci numbers, where each new digit is the sum of the two preceding components, is the best example of this phenomenon. You must remember that each successive component produces a result close to 1.6, divided by the previous one.

If you study every phenomenon in the universe, you will find that large parts of an integer correlate with smaller ones using the Golden Ratio principle. According to this, the flowers grow on the trees and the horns of the sheep twist.

You should also remember that the sight of a human sees as more beautiful the object that has a golden ratio. People have known this for millennia. That’s why antique sculptures have proportions according to this principle. That’s why you can make your face as pleasant as possible for the people around you.

Recommendations to users

The program offers its users advice on eating and cosmetic procedures. You can also compare your results with those of other ones. You can use a couple of tips for free. However, if you want to use the full suite of features you must sign up for the program.

The paid version of the utility will allow you to switch between face masks and read detailed results. The program also provides you with information about the analysis of your face and the application of the advice in practice. Golden Ratio Face has a lot of experience in distributing the diet needed to improve your beauty. The program will explain to you how to combine natural fruits and vegetables for masks and cocktails.

The only flaw of this program is the great kindness. The tool shows what all people want to hear. You can’t get objective criticism of your beauty.

rewarded play

The program has five functions.

  • analysis of the human face;
  • assessment of the attractiveness of the face by golden cross-section;
  • advice in the free version;
  • comparison function with photos of other users’ photos;
  • compatibility of the application with the newest version of Android.

There are many similar programs. You can download application them and choose the utility that suits you. Modern mobile software allows you download free Android applications for any activity of your life.