Alexander Cheferin talks about a 12-team Superleague

Do you want to play in the Superleague? UEFA Head Alexander Cheferin says you can’t go to Europe or the World Cup because of it.

Those who join the Superleague will be banned from starting the national team. This is what Alexander Cheferin, the head of the UEFA European Football Association, says. Thus, these football players will be prohibited from representing their countries in major championships such as the World Cup or Europe. The clubs themselves should be excluded from the games as soon as possible.

Cheferin said the announcement after the UEFA Executive Committee meeting. However, this was overshadowed by the announcement of the project of 12 elite European clubs, which decided to demonstrate their strength to the world and create their own competition with a budget of 3.5 billion euros.

Reuters quoted Alexander Cheferin as follows: We are still assessing this with our lawyers. However, we will impose all possible fines and report to you as soon as possible. I’m sure they should ban starting in all our competitions as soon as possible.

FIFA opposed the efforts of elite clubs such as Manchester United, Juventus, and Real Madrid. Many other world celebrities, clubs, and players began to criticize that day. Those teams from France and Germany that did not join the project also expressed their open opposition.

Cheferin said something else: UEFA and the entire football world are united against this shameful proposal, which was made for only a few selected European big clubs. Their only motivation is greed. We are all united against this pointless project.