Overview of Minai against Vorskla UPL match: a difficult win for the favorite

Journalists asked only one question before this match: Will Minai be on the field in the last round? The team is already leaving UPL. Vorskla continues to fight for line 4 and line 5.

Overview of Minai against Vorskla match

Vorskla took the initiative in the first minutes of the match. It clearly indicated that it would only play to win. However, the owners did not sit in «defense». The guests made a foul in their penalty area at the seventh minute of the match. The referee immediately pointed to 11 meters. The ball was captured by Khakhlov. He unsuccessfully overplays the goalkeeper of Vorskla. The guests did not expect such a development. The Vorskla has stepped up its onslaught. Ibrahim Kane scores a goal against Minai as early as 14 minutes. The score was 1:1 but no team stopped. In the 40th minute, the owners made a foul in their penalty zone. The referee pointed to the 11-meter mark. Kulatch approached the ball and beat the goalkeeper with confidence. The score of the heads was 0:2.

The second half was played in an even game, and no one scored a single goal. Both teams were in a positional fight. The defense was able to handle the opponent’s attack. Only two events were particularly notable. Kane hit the stage in the 89 minute of the match. Both teams also made many fouls. In the second half of the meeting, the referee showed two yellow cards to each team. The result of the meeting remained unchanged: the score was 1:2. Vorskla took three points. Now both Koloth and it are in equal positions but the Vorskla team still has fewer additional numbers. The team from Poltava finished in fifth place.