Overview of UPL Shakhtar against Inguletz: victory without motivation

Shakhtar played a home match against Ingulets. This was the last game of the season. The guests had 26 points before meeting the opponent, which is equivalent to 12th place. The Miners had no further problems with the tournaments, but they could never lose to Inguletz. It was the perfect motivation to get favoritism. The fact that the game was played in a home stadium was an additional motivating factor.

Overview of UPL Shakhtar against Inguletz

The Miners started the game very actively. People thought they will be the favorites. All the fans expected the miners to do better. Patrick passed on the Tete in the 16th minute of the game. The attacking player of Shakhtar took the ball on his side of the field and ran away from the defenders. Then he outplayed the goalkeeper and defender right in front of the goal. Bottom line is, he hit the ball with no goal.

In the first half, the miners were able to hit the gate twice more. However, they never scored a goal.

In the second half, the miners had an overwhelming advantage. They hit the opponent’s goal eight times. In response, the guests were able to strike four times. Both teams distinguished themselves by an increased level of activity at the end of the match. However, despite such an active game, goals were rare. The result of the match is 1:0. The Miners had no motivation and despite this, they were able to score a minimal victory over their outsider opponent. Shakhtar finished the season as a second. Ingulets finished 12th in the tournament table.